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  • Innovation of water pump and oil pump

    Refusing the price war, improve efficiency automatically. As a important parts of the internal combustion engine. Water pump and oil pump area start to focus technology development, production technology, enterprise management, looking forward to synchronous development with the engine business, along with energy conservation and standards improved, the auto parts modular, lightweight demand is higher and higher. [View Details]
  • About the Brake Pad

    As we know, we use asbestos, semi-metallic often, but now more and more people like ceramic brake pads. So letís talk about the ceramic brake pads. Letís us know more about such material. [View Details]
  • The way to protect your car for different time

    Since we purchased the car, we need to learn how to protect our cars. Do as following regular checking will let you keep safe and keep your car appearance. [View Details]

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